Day 22

February 12, 2018

Today is very tired to me, I teach at 07.00 am. until 12.00 pm. with the material vinding the volume of the cube. I feel not better during I teach the pupils. It's make me sad, I can't maximum. But My cooperating teacher always give me motivation, he is a good teacher and he always help me. So, tomorrow I must be better than today. I will fix it and keep spirit. After I teach, I ask the profil school to make self report. Finally I got it, and at 14.00 I go to the hostel with Afrida and Ummah. When, we arrived in hostel I slept then, I prepare to teach tomorrow.

Day 21

February 11, 2018

Today I prepare the material and media to teach tomorrow. Media that I created from manila paper and cartolina paper to be used during group work, and I prepared an activity card that will be used for drill activity. I practice teaching also, I teach my self in front of the miror. I must be really earnest because I want to show the best performance during the demonstration teaching. After that I'm take a rest, today I just stay in Hostel.

Day 20

February 10, 2018

Happy saturday....

Today i am with afrida, ummah, alisa, dream,  ma'am ruth and teacher from PNU go to a place. The place was called Taal. Taal is the birth village of ma'am Ruth and we will go to the sea close to ma'am Ruth's house. We leave from hostel at 06.30 am. then we pick up ma'am Ruth first. After that, we continue the journey. When we arrived in petron, we buy takoyaki and takorice for breakfast. We eat in the car. We are happy because we can breakfast, usually we only eat bread in the morning. Shortly after, we stop in the restaurant to eat again, the foods in here is very delicious and the atmosphere is very fresh. It's very different when i was in manila. All food is paid by ma'am ruth, she is very kind to us. Finish eating, we continue the journey.

We arrived in  ma'am Ruth's home at 12.30 pm, and there we ate again haha. we eat traditional foods, such as pudding, coconut jelly, and others. we are very full, …

Day 19

February 9, 2018


My activity today,
I go to school bring some equipment to make a media, and Mr. Bacunot always help me. I'm proud with Him, because he is a good cooperating teacher. We made a media at 06.00 am. until 09.00 am. Then, I teach at 11.00 am. until 12.00 pm. and I ask a principal to signing my lesson plan. After that, I go to hostel with Afrida, Ummah, and Hannah. Hannah is a student teacher and  teach science in grade 4 with Afrida. Hannah is a good girl, she always help us. We are proud of her. We have a schedule to go to Mall Of Asia, then we going at 15.30 pm. We arround the MOA, first we will eating in restaurant Indo-Melayu and we eatten a friedrice. After that, we buy pinoy halo-halo, it's a typical drink in the Philippines and very delicious. Then, we arround the MOA again to see many store  in there and look scenery in sides the sea like Manila Bay. It's so beautiful, and we written a hope in that place. Then, we go back to hostel at 20.00 pm. To…

Day 18

February 8, 2018

My lesson plan must be checked by Mr. Bacunot again, and then at 11 am. until 12.00 pm I'm practiced to teaching with the material finding the volume of the cube. After finished, Mr. Bacunot told me to buy a board marker permanent and cartolina paper to make a media that will be used when final demonstration teaching on February 14. I go back to hostel at 14.00 pm, then I go to National Books Store to buy cartolina paper and board marker permanent. After buy that, I go to Photocopy store to print out all my lesson plan and print out form evaluation. Today I spent a lot of money, and my money is running out haha. I must be frugal! Tonight I study about finding the volume of cube because tomorrow I must to teach with that material. Keep fighting!

Day 17

February 7, 2018

Today Mr. Bacunot correcting my lesson plan, after that Mr. Bacunot has a schedule to demonstration teaching at 09.00 am. until 11.00 am. so i should to handle the class and accompany them. shortly after Mrs. Penya as science teacher on grade 6 told me to watching the movie about tsunami with pupils in her classroom. We watch together until 11.00 am. and they are very enjoyed. Then, we go back to classroom to study with Mr. Bacunot. After learning is finished, Mr. Bacunot told me to print out all of my lesson plan and I must to make the lesson plan again with the topic finding the volume of cube to final demonstration on February 14.

Day 16

February 6, 2018

Mr. Bacunot come late today, and  I should to teach at 06.00 am. until 08.00 pm with the topic finding the volume of square pyramid. Before we will begining this lesson, i taught a pat upin ipin and all of the childrens very enthusiastic. Then, Mr. Bacunot come at 08.00 am. and he help me to laminating of flash card that i have done to made it. Moreover, he told me to make the lesson plan again with the topic finding the volume of triangular prism. After that, I'm join during the lesson in class Mr. Bacunot at 09.30 am. until 12.00 pm. At 02.00 we go back to hostel. Tonight I should to make the lesson plan and tomorrow i will give the lesson plan to Mr. Bacunot to check first.